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Let's be clear. No candidates stances on issues matter if there is a never ending State of Emergency allowing a single person to arbitrarily dictate and mandate whatever they want. That being said - regardless of my personal opinions, preferences, and thoughts - I will vote using this flow to evaluate whether the law is constitutional and appropriate to be passed and funded at the State level. Below are my thoughts on some of the pressing issues facing the citizens of Washington State.



Your leaders are lying to you about the Covid Data. I have submitted a dozen public records requests which confirm this. I have contacted Republicans, Democrats and Media – and apparently no one cares about deceiving you. The Democrats see an opportunity to consolidate power. The Republicans are cowardly and just tweet. The Media parrot the narrative. And you and your family suffer.

All Covid mandates should be permanently be repealed and the state of emergency ended now! The state of emergency laws must be reformed so future Governors cannot exploit them.


The experimental gene therapies are broken – the data proves this.

It is discriminatory to deny access to venues and services because people choose to not take broken products. It is evil to mandate anyone be injected with broken products. The companies selling these broken products should refund the taxpayers the money paid for them. The gene-therapy manufacturers,  the governments and businesses that coerced and bullied their employees into getting injected must pay restitution and all medical care to anyone who has been harmed by the experimental injections.


I am pro-medical technology that works – politicians should not just make available the three broken products they are financially invested in. All options should be available – every gene therapy, every vaccine, every therapeutic. If people want any of those – they can decide with their physician, and it is no else’s business what they choose to do.


I am pro-proper-PPE being used properly against the proper threats. Shame on all these experts and politicians who do not trust people to sneeze properly and have convinced people that inappropriate PPE should be used. At best the ineffective masks are just a security blanket, at worst people thought they were protected, got infected and have died. Hazmat suits with SCBA for COVID-19 are inappropriate for everyone except those first responders involved in dangerously contaminated areas.


Hire back all fired law enforcement (and other government employees) who were discriminated against because they chose not to take the broken gene therapies. The crime situation is the fault foremost of the criminals themselves, and also the fools who fired law enforcement for not getting injected, underfunded law enforcement, and are forcing the remaining officers to enforce stupid laws. Reform the crime laws so law enforcement can focus on violent crime, theft and protecting citizens.


Do not punish un-injected children by denying them their constitutional right to an education based on their medical history. Do not mandate broken COVID-19 gene therapies for students. Allow parents to send their children to whatever school they think is best for their child in whichever district they want. Allow the allocated educational funds to move with the child to the school of their choice.


Fix the roads and bridges. Stop wasting money on public transportation if it financially makes no sense. Stop taxing people who do not use the public transportation and do not want them. Where appropriate, let transportation projects be financed at the local levels if the citizens want them.


End them all. Stop funding them. Review all the States agencies budgets and cut out the waste. If you are expecting me to vote for and fund your pet boondoggle – don’t waste your time. Vote for and support the other people – career politicians seem to be more than happy to exploit taxpayer’s funds to get elected.

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