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Elected Experience:

None, I am not a politician.

Other Professional Experience:

I have worked for 20+ years as a software developer for small, mid, and large companies. My current interests involve data and business intelligence, blockchain technology, and utilizing gaming technology for learning. I also have a great interest and training in emergency management and emergency preparedness.

2010 – 2015 – Proudly volunteered with the Washington State Guard to serve and protect the citizens of Washington State.


  • Doctorate in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University

  • Master's in Homeland Security from Penn State

  • Master's in Information Systems from Penn State

  • Master's in Information Assurance from Dakota State University

  • Bachelor's in Social Science from Washington State University

  • Associate in Emergency Management from Clackamas Community College

  • Associate in Computer Programming from Pierce College

  • Officer Candidate School

  • Military Emergency Management Specialist

Community Service:

Youth Coach

Boy Scout Leader

I am politically homeless. With the Covid-19 pandemic the Democrats saw an opportunity to consolidate power. The Republicans were cowardly and just tweeted. The Media parroted the narrative of those is power. You and I and our families ultimately suffered and are still suffering.


Your representatives should permanently repeal all Covid-19 mandates and end the state of emergency now! They should reform the state of emergency laws so future Governors cannot exploit them.

My political philosophy is pretty simple. Mean what you say, say what you mean. I trust adults to make their own best decisions for themselves and their families.


Your public servants lied about Covid-19 data – they should stop. Leaders should stop encouraging inappropriate PPE. There should be no medical apartheid – there should be no discrimination based on broken gene therapy injections. Your medical decisions are no one’s business. Leaders should not pass dumb laws and then ask law enforcement to enforce them.


The Government and Politicians do not give you your rights – you are born with them, they are God-given.

If you want a King or a Nanny vote for the other people. I will stay out of your personal business and strive to make sure we all keep our hard-earned property, and our inalienable and constitutional rights.

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